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12 Supreme Grade Swords in One Piece Explained

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12 Supreme Grade swords are the strongest class of swords in One Piece. If we exclude the Ancient Weapons, they may even be the greatest weapons. These swords are so powerful and rare that only a bunch of people had them so far in the series. Not to mention that those sword holders were also considered to be the strongest as well.

In One Piece, Swords with exceptional quality have four known classifications: Grade, Skillful Grade, Great Grade, and Supreme Grade. In this post, I will talk about the known 12 supreme-grade swords and swords that can be a supreme grade. Have fun in One Piece world!

12 Supreme-Grade Swords – The Confirmed Swords

1. Yoru is the first one of 12 Supreme Grade Swords

12 supreme grade swords | Yoru

Among 12 supreme-grade swords, Your is the first one introduced in the series. It is owned by Mihawk, the world’s strongest swordsman, and is also a Kokuto, a black blade. It is really huge and has a unique design. This sword type is so unique that only two other “people” have it: Mihawk’s monkey and his Seraphim. Its design also suits his character design and lifestyle.

Moreover, we can see that the sword has some kind of jewels on it. It may indicate the noble side of Dracule Mihawk as well. Although we have seen Mihawk using Yoru several times, we have not seen any named attack from this sword. Nevertheless, a named attack coming from one of 12 supreme-grade swords, would be extremely devastating.


12 supreme grade swords | Murakumogiri

Murakumogiri is the supreme-grade weapon Whitebeard, Edward Newgate, used. Rather than a sword, it is a long Naginata fitting the size of  Whitebeard. Murakumogiri has immense durability, having stopped Akainu’s magma attack without melting or receiving any visible damage  After the death of Whitebeard, his Murakumogiri is standing on his grave as a monument. There are not many people using this kind of sword, the only notable person using naginata is Edward Weewil.

3. Ace

12 supreme grade swords | Ace, Roger

Ace is the supreme-grade sword Roger used. It has a chainsaw tooth design on its sides. We have no information about what happened to Ace or where it is right now, after the execution of Roger. Some theories say that Roger gave his sword to Imu, the Head of the World Government, but there is no confirmed information about the current location of the sword yet.

12 Supreme-Grade Swords – Possible Candidates

4. Gryphon Can Be One of 12 Supreme Grade Swords

12 supreme grade swords | Gryphon

Gryphon is a saber wielded by Shanks. We have not seen Shanks much in the series but know that he is one of four emperors of the sea and a former rival of Mihawk. Although Gryphon is not confirmed to be one of 12 supreme-grade swords, dueling with someone holding one of the 12 supreme-grade swords may indicate that Shanks also has a sword of the same quality. It is good to note that although this sword got exposed to magma, it did not melt like Murakumogiri.

Moreover, from what we have seen so far, we can say that Shanks is in the top 15 strongest characters

5. Shodai Kitetsu

12 supreme grade swords | shodai kitetsu

Shodai Kitetsu is confirmed to be one of 12 supreme-grade swords. However, we do not have any pictures or other related information about it. Though it is just speculation, some people believe that Shodai Kitetsu is the one wielded by one of the Five Elders. Wearing a Wano outfit, and the sword’s similar design to Nidai and Sandai Kitetsu makes this speculation a bit believable.

6. Oto and Kogarashi

12 supreme grade swords | Shiki

Shiki, the Golden Lion is one of the strongest pirates of the New World and a former Rocks pirates member. As you can see, his swords are his “legs”. He possesses two double-edged swords by the names of Oto and Kogarashni, which according to him were famous. It would not be a surprise if he had supreme-grade swords. However, I highly doubt he has two supreme-grade swords.

7. Raiu

12 supreme grade swords | Raiu | Shiryu

Shiryu is one of the Ten Titanic Captains of the Blackbeard Pirates. His weapon choice is a nodachi named Raiu, qualified as a Meito. His strength is on par with Magellan who is someone as strong as an Admiral. Near the end of the series, when Straw Hat Pirates and Blackbeard Pirates are about to clash, Shiryu may be the rival of Zoro. His sword could be a supreme-grade sword and give excitement to readers when this fight takes place, but we just need to wait to see.

In conclusion, Supreme-grade swords are the highest quality swords and have exceptional sharpness and durability. These swords, however, are not on the priority list of skilled swordsmen and pirates, even though they can greatly enhance their combat abilities. It is less likely for weak people to have one of them. The majority of people in the One Piece world do not have information about these swords, so probably some of these swords are left somewhere having no one knowing their location. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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