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Best Quirks in My Hero Academia to Have in Real Life

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Quirks are the special abilities people have in My Hero Academia. There is a variety of quirks in the My Hero Academia universe, and some of them are pretty useful in real life. I am not talking about the powerful quirks that can destroy a city, but rather quirks that would be helpful in daily use. I have got you the 10 best quirks in real-life use!

1. Overhaul

Best Quirks

We start with the quirk that can manipulate the matter. It is absolutely one of the most destructive quirks in MHA and still is very useful in Real Life. It allows the user to disassemble and reassemble objects and living beings at will by touching them.

However, since it would require physical contact with the object, it could be impractical in many cases.

2. Warp Gate

The ability is possessed by Kurogiri and it allows the user to create portals that can teleport himself and others to different locations.

Teleportation would have many practical applications, including transportation, emergency response, and even space exploration. It would eliminate the need for traditional forms of transportation, such as cars, trains, and planes. In return, air pollution would heavily decrease!

However, as with any superpower, there would also be potential downsides and challenges. The ability could be misused for criminal purposes, such as theft.

3. Compress

best quirks

The Ability allows the user to compress any object they touch into a small, marble-sized ball. While the “Compress” quirk is a fascinating ability, it would have limited practical applications.

One possible use would be for storage purposes. The ability could potentially allow for more efficient use of space in storage facilities. However, the compressed objects would likely need to be carefully stored and handled to avoid damage.

Another potential use could be for transportation purposes. The compressed objects would take up less space and be easier to transport. However, this would require the objects to be released back to their original size upon arrival. Considering that, this could be difficult and time-consuming.

4. Brainwash

best quirks

The ability allows its user to control other people’s minds and actions. For the quirk to work, the person must speak with the user. This makes the ability even more effective against people who are unaware of the ability.

In the hands of police or security guards, the ability would allow them to solve some critical cases.

If the Brainwash quirk were in the hands of very bad people, the implications could be incredibly severe and devastating. In extreme cases, this could even lead to the creation of a cult-like following or the brainwashing of an entire population.

5. New Order

This quirk allows the user to set two rules for their surroundings, including living things. However, for the quirk to activate, the user needs to touch the object and say its name. The rules could be anything with barely any limitations and can be used to change the nature of the quirk itself.

The user, for example, can order blind people’s eyes to be able to see or deaf people’s ears to be able to hear. It mostly depends on how the user wants to use the ability. The user might even order someone’s heart to stop beating.

6. Double

best quirks

With this ability, the user can create duplicates of anything, as long as he knows the characteristics and measurements of what he’s replicating. This ability would be incredibly useful in real life.

For example, could be used to create duplicates of important documents or valuable objects, allowing them to be safely stored in multiple locations. People could also use it to replicate tools, equipment, or machinery, making it easier to maintain or repair these items without needing to purchase expensive replacements.

In the medical field, this ability could potentially help to create copies of organs, tissues, or other biological structures for research or therapeutic purposes. It could also have applications in the production of artificial limbs or prosthetics, allowing for more precise and customized designs.

7. Clone

best quirks

This ability allows the user to produce roughly 30 clones that share consciousness and experiences in real time. This communication also holds up for quite long distances as shown in the series.

In real life, the ability to create clones would have a wide range of applications, ranging from industrial and commercial use to military and medical applications. In the field of medicine, doctors could use clones to perform surgeries or other procedures without risking the patient’s health.

With this ability, people can have more than 1 job at the same time, and therefore, can generate more money. However, it could be used for criminal activities or to manipulate elections.

8. Creation

best quirks

The Quirk, Creation, allows the user to use their fat cells to create objects whose atomic structure the user knows. You can create any object whose atomic structure you know.

Having this ability means you do not have to go to any store anymore. You wanted a phone? Create for yourself!

However, the user’s physical and mental stamina may limit the amount and complexity of objects they can create. There could also be issues with the quality and durability of the objects created,

9. Heal

best quirks

This quirk allows her to speed up the human body’s healing process with simply a peck. The user can heal injuries that would take weeks or months to recover.

In real life, this ability could be very helpful for athletes. Moreover, it can also be a game-changer in wars. Unfortunately, the user is unable to heal illnesses or injuries that are caused by external factors, such as poison or radiation.

Despite its limitations, this ability can save the lives of millions in real life.

10. Rewind

This Quirk allows its user to rewind a living creature’s body into a previous state of being just by touching them.

In medical emergencies, the ability to rewind time and reverse the effects of injuries or illnesses could potentially save lives. Similarly, the ability to rewind time in manufacturing or industrial settings could help prevent accidents or errors and improve the quality of products.

However, one critical issue is when it goes out of control. If the user could not control the power, then, he/she can rewind people to the state before they existed.

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