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Most Destructive Devil Fruits in One Piece – Top 9

One Piece has one of the most distinctive power systems among all anime. So far, we have seen many devil fruits that have various abilities. However, even among them, particular devil fruits are devastating, being more destructive than others. Here, we will discover the 9 most destructive devil fruits of the series.

9. Sabi Sabi no mi – Rust Fruit

Rust Fruit | Destructive Devil fruits in One Piece

Starting with Rust fruit, this devil fruit was introduced in Enies Lobby. Interestingly, it seems that the only purpose of this fruit was to give Zoro a reason to get a new sword. Because we never saw this fruit again.

However, it still does not change the fact that it is among the most destructive fruits. Just simply by touching it, you can turn anything into rust and make it disappear. When awakened, the range would also increase, making it more destructive.

However, since its range is shown to be smaller than other fruits on this list, and we have not seen any other feat of this fruit, we placed it as #9.

8. Doku Doku no mi – Venom Fruit

Venom  Fruit | Destructive Devil fruits in One Piece

Next on the list, we have Venom fruit which is used by Magellan. The distinctive ability of this fruit is that the user can create and control a wide range of poisons that can vary in strength and form. This fruit is so dangerous that it caused Luffy to lose his 10 years of life span!

From another perspective, the fruit is also lethal for non-living things. Just by touching it, the fruit absorbs and dissolves anything in its way. From a range perspective, this fruit has a moderate range, it is neither too small, nor too long.

However, as demonstrated by Luffy, this fruit does not, in fact, absorb everything. Luffy was able to resist it by covering his hands with a candle. Later on, Teach was also able to resist it. Considering these, we have placed it as #8.

7. Yami Yami no mi – Darkness Fruit

Darkness Fruit | Destructive Devil fruits in One Piece

Moving on, we have Darkness fruit on our list. The user of this logia fruit is Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard. Among the known abilities of the fruit, absorbing everything stands out as the most devastating one.

As you can see in the image, he absorbed a whole town and destroyed it in a moment. This fruit was also able to absorb Magellan’s poison.

Another interesting ability of this fruit is that it can also nullify other devil fruit powers. When against a logia user, this fruit will be their worst nightmare. However, to do that, the user must be in touch with the victim, or the ability will not work in One Piece

6. Goro Goro no mi – Lightning Fruit

Lightning Fruit | Destructive Devil fruits in One Piece

On number 6, we have Goro Goro no mi, aka, lightning fruit. We have seen the fruit during the Skypiea arc, and never again in the story. The top hit ability of this fruit is its range. The user can send attacks from miles away.

This image shows how destructive the fruit is. From far away, Enel sends lightning attacks to destroy his enemy. The burning effect of Lightning fruit can demolish everything on its way. It is so destructive that it can even destroy an island.

As a typical logia, the user is invincible to normal attacks, on top of that, the fruit gives the user an extreme speed. If not facing its natural weakness, Enel would kill everyone together with Skypiea. Considering all of these, this fruit is surely one of the most destructive fruits in One Piece

5. Uo Uo no mi, model: Seiryu – Azure Dragon Fruit

Fish Fruit | Destructive Devil fruits in One Piece

Next on the list, we have Kaidou’s Fish fruit. The name might confuse you, but it goes deep into Chinese and Japanese mythology. Other than that, the fruit might possibly be the biggest zoan fruit in One Piece World.

Coming to how destructive it is, this may be a little tricky. Since the user, Kaido, himself is the strongest creature, we may fail to measure we power of the fruit properly. However, even with that, the destructivity of the fruit should not be underestimated

One of the common attacks of Kaidou, Bolo Breath, has shown to be able to destroy a mountain from a notable distance. The raw firepower of this attack is fairly devastating.

However, in comparison to other attacks of Kaidou, the attack is quite weak. Since most of those attacks had Conquerors’ Haki coated, we cannot count them.

You might be asking “Then why this fruit is #5?”, well, this image explains it all. Kaidou’s final attack, Fire Dragon Great Torch, makes him coated and become 10 times bigger than his usual form. A simple touch of it was able to melt one of the horns of Onigashima. Unfortunately, without showcasing the full potential of this form, Kaidou got sent down by Luffy.

4. Ope Ope no mi – Operation Fruit

Op Fruit | Destructive Devil fruits in One Piece

Before going into the top 3, we have Law’s op fruit as #4. So far, Law has shown us a ton of abilities of this fruit. However, fairly speaking, neither of them is as devastating as the other devil fruit abilities on this list. Except one…

And it is of course not the Immortality Operation. In fact, the most devastating ability I am speaking of is its basic ability: ROOM.

To simplify, when Law creates ROOM, he can manipulate everything inside it as he wishes, or at least, something close to this. He was able to cut Punk Hazard in half, and when improved he could do more.

However, it would be better to note that the only reason why we have not seen the full potential of this fruit is Law. As stated in Dressrossa, to create bigger ROOMs, Law needs more energy. There is no doubt that if it were Kaidou, Sakazuki, or any other top tier, this fruit would be much more devastating than it is. If you have not been convinced yet, then, hear me out: If the user created a large enough ROOM, the user would be able to cut the world half through! Unless proven otherwise, this fruit deserves its spot on this list.

3. Most Destructive Logia Fruit: Magu Magu no mi – Magma Fruit

Magma Fruit | Destructive Devil fruits in One Piece

As we move forward to the top 3 of this list, we have Magma fruit as #3. When creating this list, Magma fruit was the first one I came up with. Even if you were to argue that among the most destructive devil fruits, it is #1, I would not argue.

At first thought, this fruit should have been useless since the temperature on the surface is too low for magma to preserve its form and not become hard. However, as we mentioned earlier, real-world physics does not apply to One Piece.

Keeping that in mind, we can clearly say that Sakasuki’s devil fruit is not only destructive but also extremely lethal. His attack was able to blast half of Whitebeard’s head and kill a certain character with a simple punch. In a battle, as time passes, this fruit will give you an absolute environmental advantage.

However, in comparison to the next 2 destructive devil fruits, this devil fruit should not be your worst nightmare.

2. Zushi Zushi no mi – Press Fruit

Press Fruit | Destructive Devil fruits in One Piece

Moving forward, we have placed Gravity Fruit on #2. The current user, Admiral Fujitora, has fairly shown the potential of this fruit. Gravity fruit or Press fruit has quite a range, and you would not want to be in its range.

So far, the greatest feat of the fruit was that it could bring a meteorite down to the Earth. From a real-world perspective, that attack should destroy half of the One Piece world. However, it was only able to damage a very small area.

Then, what makes it that destructive? Well, as I mentioned earlier, the destructivity of this fruit lies in its potential. We have seen Fujitora delivering meteorites to the Earth, but what is stopping him from bringing the Moon? Or Sun? Fairly speaking, this fruit is one of the few devil fruits that can destroy the Earth without much effort.

1. Gura Gura no mi – Tremor Fruit

Tremor Fruit | Destructive Devil fruits in One Piece

And finally, among the most destructive devil fruits, the absolute destroyer, the Tremor fruit. This fruit was also referred to as the strongest Paramecia devil fruit. The fruit is currently used by Blackbeard.

If you were to question any fruit on this list, you would definitely exclude this one. Fortunately, Whitebeard was able to show us the calamities this fruit can cause. In Marineford, Sengoku claimed that Whitebeard can destroy the world.

Among all the fruits on this list, the Tremor fruit is the only one that shows us what it is capable of. We witnessed the devastating ability of this fruit. If this attack was targeted at the Red Line, there would be nothing left from it.

If Whitebeard decided to destroy the world, no one would be able to stop him. Together with Gravity (Press) fruit, these two devil fruits stand at the very top of this list without any doubt.

Final Remarks + Bonus

First of all, thank you for reading up to this point! If you liked the article, please share it with your friends.

In this list, we have listed the most destructive devil fruits, among which, 3 were Logia, 1 was Zoan, and 5 were Paramecia-type devil fruits. It is one of the lists that I had to consider many aspects such as range, abilities, destructivity, and so on. So, if there is something that you are against, it is totally alright because this list is subjective, not objective.

Bonus: The Most Destructive Devil Fruit! Bara Bara no mi – Chop fruit

Awakening of Chop fruit could divide the world half through with one touch!