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Best Glow-Ups in Anime That Will Leave You Stunned!

Best Anime Glow-Ups

Best Glow-ups in anime are usually correlated with character development. Glow-ups, itself, refer to a transformation or evolution of a character’s appearance, resulting in a significant improvement in their looks. This could involve changes to their hairstyle, clothing, physique, or overall demeanor.

Today, we will be looking through some of the best anime glow-ups ever.

1. Marco – One Piece: This Anime Character had 3 Glow-ups!

marco anime glow-ups

Marco, the first division commander of Whitebeard Pirates, and the living picture of glow-up. He is the only anime character with more than one glow-up.

Before the Marineford started, we saw him 2 times, and in both, he had a different character design.

Most people on this list had glow-up because of their hard work and determination. For Marco, however, it was Oda’s pen.

2. Kae Serinuma – Kiss Him, Not Me: From a Fat Girl to a Skinny Lady

Kae Serinuma is an overweight fujoshi (a female fan of manga and anime who enjoys imagining romantic relationships between male characters) who goes through a dramatic physical transformation.

Kae’s glow-up occurs after a period of depression following the death of her favorite anime character. During this time, she stops eating and loses a significant amount of weight, which drastically changes her appearance.

She begins to receive romantic attention from several male characters in the series, including her childhood friend, her classmate, and the president of the school’s history club. Kae is the only character from a romance anime genre on this list!

3. Midoriya Izuku – My Hero Academia

midoriya anime glow-ups

Living in a world where almost all people have a certain special ability must be fun. But it is not if you do not have one of such abilities. This hits even harder when you want to be a hero protecting people in danger.

Midoriya Izuku was born without any Quirk. He wanted to be a hero, but without a quirk, he could not be one. This was the case until he met with All Might who is the #1 hero in the world.

He got his quirk, but would that be enough? Of course, not! That is why he trained and trained. When he started the road to becoming a hero, he already forgot what giving up was. That is the reason lying behind such an impressive glow-up.

4. Levi Ackerman – Attack on Titan

levi anime glow-ups

Our poor kid Levi lived one of the saddest childhoods ever. Growing up in a place where the law is nothing but a piece of a word must have shown Levi the tough side of life firsthand.

He must thank Ervin for everything, or should I have said, Kenny? You may argue over who made him the world’s strongest soldier, but I will go differently.

I will stick to the fact that without his hard work, hard lifestyle, and determination, he would not have had such a dramatic change both in character and appearance. Apart from the fact that he had one of the biggest anime glow-ups, Levi is also one of the best-written anime characters of all time!

5. Isami Aldini – Food Wars: Best Fat Boy Glow-up in Anime?

isami | best anime glow-ups

From a fat boy to a fit boy is a pretty famous type of glow-up. Who would not want to be fit and at the same time, handsome like Isami? Well, not Isami.

Most anime characters get glow-ups because of their dreams, determination, or goals. However, Isami puts all he has to be a good chief, but it has nothing to do with being fat or fit.

This guy gains weight in winter and loses it in summer. That is a pretty wild form of glow-up and down, however, he sure has got off the stunning ones. Overall, we can say that Isami is a rare character getting a glow-up even though he is not in an action series.

6. Koby – One Piece: Arguably One of The Best Anime Glow-ups

coby. best anime glow-ups

If the story was about a man who wants to become the Fleet Admiral, then Koby would be the main character. He was a mere newbie pirate under Alvida until he met with Luffy. Luffy’s dedication to achieving his goals inspired Koby enormously.

Starting from his rebellion against Alvida to getting accepted into the Marines, Luffy helped him a lot. However, Luffy is not the only reason why Koby got such a dramatic change.

After a time, Vice Admiral Garp trained Koby for months. Koby worked very hard to achieve his goal, and for now, we can say, it paid off. He is among those who got the biggest glow-up in anime.

7. Palm Siberia – Hunter x Hunter

best anime glow-ups | Palm

When putting her two different photos next to each other, it is impossible to say that they are the same person. What is more terrifying is that this “glow-up” occurred within hours and days.

Believe me or not, this is the transformation you do not see often. The reason for that change is a date with an 11-12-year-old boy who is also listed as #13 place in our list.

Do not get excited so early because she gets the same appearance later on. However, in the further episodes of the series, she even got another wild transformation.

8. Shinichi Izumi – Parasyte

best anime glow-ups | Shinichi

Imagine having a normal life, and all of a sudden, getting infected by a parasite who takes over your right hand. The parasite, named Migi, is unable to control Shinichi’s brain, so the two have to form a symbiotic relationship.

Physically, Shinichi becomes more muscular and toned as a result of his intense training to fight the parasites.

He also becomes more confident and assertive, transforming from a shy and introverted high school student into a brave and heroic fighter.

9. Prompto Argentum – Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV

best anime glow-ups | prompto

From a self-conscious and insecure young man to a confident and capable member of the main party. In the beginning, Prompto is shown to be anxious and uncertain about his place in the group.

However, as the story progresses, Prompto’s character undergoes significant development. One of the most notable aspects of Prompto’s glow-up is, of course, his physical transformation.

He goes from being overweight and out of shape to being much more toned and athletic. He overcomes his insecurities and fears, becoming a dependable and loyal member of the group.

10. Masamune Makabe – Masamune’s Revenge

best anime glow-ups | masamune

Masamune experiences a traumatic childhood incident where he is rejected by a girl named Aki Adagaki. Then, Masamune decides to get revenge by making Aki fall in love with him, only to break her heart in return.

His transformation is drastic, and he becomes significantly more attractive and confident as a result. However, as the story progresses, Masamune begins to question his motives for seeking revenge on Aki.

He develops genuine feelings for her and begins to realize that his desire for revenge is misguided. Masamune’s character growth throughout the series involves him learning to confront his past traumas and accepting his true feelings for Aki.

11. Eren Yeager – Attack on Titan

best anime glow-ups | Eren

From a kid full of dreams for freedom to an adult full of depression, hatred, and a completely different view of freedom. Eren’s initial motive was to eliminate all titans on Earth.

Titans were the major threat to his freedom. However, as time passed, his friends died, he got new enemies, and thus, his motives changed. Eren Yeager is one of the few anime characters with a dramatic glow-up.

Now, he is fighting against the whole world to keep his freedom, or should we say keep his friends’ freedom?

12. Simon – Gurren Lagan

best anime glow-ups | Simon

Simon’s glow-up in the anime, Gurren Lagan, occurs both physically and mentally throughout the anime. In the beginning, Simon is a timid and introverted boy who lacks self-confidence.

However, when Simon discovers a mysterious drill-shaped object while digging, his life changes forever. He becomes involved in a series of battles against the evil Spiral King, and as he gains more experience in combat, his confidence begins to grow. Of course, we cannot deny Kamina who supported Simon all the time and was the reason for his glow-up in the anime.

However, Simon’s most significant transformation is in his mindset. He becomes a confident and determined leader, willing to put his life on the line to protect his friends and defeat his enemies.

13. Gon Freecss – Hunter x Hunter: Among The Saddest Anime Glow-ups

best anime glow-ups | Gon

Gon is a teenager with a dream of finding his father. So, he starts a journey to find him, and along the way. he gets new friends, enemies, and various experiences.

Usually, when you see a glow-up in a character, you tend to like the change in characters. Seeing the change in a character through his training and hard work is fun. But it is a bit different in Gon’s case.

Gon put everything he had into getting that strength. Afterward, he lost everything he had and became nothing but a corpse. That is the reason why it is among the saddest anime glow-ups.

14. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck – Bleach

best anime glow-ups | Niel

“Yeah, no different than Gon” You may these because she also gets that glow-up within minutes. However, one of the things that differentiates her from Gon is that Nelliel’s original form is like that.

Nelliel is a former Espada, #3, who is also a friend of Ichigo. However, she was once under the command of Aizen Sosuke until she was betrayed.

A jealous Arrancar attacked her and made her turn into a childish form. Time passed, and she met Ichigo, and they became friends. And when Ichigo was in danger, she awakened herself and saved the day.

15. Kumoko – So I am a Spider, So What?

best anime glow-ups | Kumoko

She is a spider, so what? Does that mean she cannot have the best anime glow-ups of all time? Of course, not! Kumoko is one of my favorite anime characters because of her determination, mindset, and beauty.

After getting transported into an isekai world, she was born as a spider. She had nothing but determination and a strong will. She faced many enemies who were stronger than her, but she never gave up.

She won her fights, ate his victims, and evolved into a superior kind of spider. Every time her enemies get stronger, she gets stronger.

So, who had the biggest anime glow-up?

The short answer is Levi, the long answer is that it is up to your choice and imagination.
levi anime glow-ups

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