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One Piece Chapter 1100 – Reaching the Climax

One Piece Chapter 1100

One Piece Chapter 1100 dropped, and we are reaching the climax in Kuma’s flashback. The flashback started with chapter 1095 of One Piece, continued for 5 more chapters, and has not finished yet. Even though the flashback has not ended yet, we can surely tell that Kuma is one of the best-written characters in One Piece.

Little Remarks from the Previous Chapter

In Chapter 1099 of One Piece, the story mainly focuses on Kuma’s search for a cure for Bonney’s disease. He travels to many islands, including the ones he sent Straw Hat members to. After Dragon’s recommendation, Kuma goes to see Vegapunk.

Interstingly, Vegapunk says that the cost to cure Bonney is huge, and he is willing to do it for free if Kuma agrees to be a sample for his clone project. Knowing how brutal and cruel the world government can be, these two agree to this stupid idea. In the end, we all know how it ended.

Cover Page

one piece chapter 1100 | cover page

On the cover page of One Piece Chapter 1100, we can see Sanji cooking vegetables, and Usopp having nostalgia with Usopp Pirates. The funny part of the cove page is that a rabbit is eating a carrot which is the name of one of the members of Usopp Pirates. Unfortunately, the cover page is not a cover story, so there is not much thing to talk about.

Saturn and Kuma: A Deal with the “Devil”

One piece chapter 1100

As we saw in the final panels of the previous chapter, Saturn, one of the members of the Gorosei was eavesdropping on Kuma and Vegapunk. Saturn had completely other plans for Kuma.

The chapter starts with Kizaru arriving at Egghead Island. Kizaru brings Saturn’s Den Den Mushi with him, and Saturn puts three additional conditions:

  • The first condition of Saturn is that Kuma has to be one of the members of Warlords of the Sea. This explains why Kuma becomes a warlord. Interestingly, the warlord Kuma is replacing is the one Ace took down!
  • The second condition of Saturn is that Kuma has to become a human weapon for the Navy. Kizaru also likes the idea of Kuma joining the Navy although he might be sarcastic about it. Saturn, then, adds that: “This way, we will be sure that you will not turn your back on us since you were a member of the Revolutionary Army
  • The last and most brutal condition of Saturn is that Kuma has to give up his mind and personality. As Vegapunk points out, this is no different than murdering Kuma.

One Piece Chapter 1100, once again, shows how cruel the World Government is. If Kuma does not agree with any of the conditions, Bonney is not going to receive her treatment and die after 5 years.

As expected, Kuma agrees to all the conditions of Saturn. In fact, he agrees to anything just for the sake Bonney showing us that he is a real father figure.

one piece chapter 1100

Done? Of course, not. Saturn also requires that Bonney be kept as a hostage in a government facility, and after her treatment is done, she and Kuma can never meet again. At the end of the discussion, they agree on the case that Bonney will be kept in the Sorbet Kingdom, and Kuma will obey any order coming from the World Government.

Kuma and Bonney: Farewell and a New Journey

one piece chapter 1100

In the next 6 months, Kuma and Bonney spend their time together at Egghead together with Kizaru, Vegapunk, and Sentomaru. In a small panel, all of them are even doing the Nika dance!

Later on, after half a year, Kuma and Bonney head to the Sorbet Kingdom, and Kuma, for the final time, says goodbye to Bonney.

Former Warlords of the Sea Reacts to Kuma

As the narrator says: “The Pirate world was utterly shocked when the infamous tyrant, Bartholomew Kuma suddenly became an absolutely obedient member of the seven warlords”

Doflamingo and Moria are very excited about the news, whereas, Crocodile, Boa Hancock, and Mihawk do not care much about it.

We also see Ace and the Whitebeard crew talking about the topic.

Sabo and Koala are very surprised since they never thought Kuma would obey the World Government.

On the final page of One Piece Chapter 1100, Kuma sends an envelope to Bonney about the places they are going to visit when she turns 10…

The most controversial part of the chapter comes when we see Kuma arriving at Luffy’s hometown. What was Kuma’s main objective for visiting Luffy? Was it just a coincidence, or are all of these related to Nika? In any case, we are going to have our answers in the next chapter! See you there!