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The Best Anime Fights of the Decade

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One of the major reasons why people watch anime is fights or battles. Being the most crucial parts of action animes, they give people a lot of emotions. Adding some smooth, stunning animations onto it will surely keep you on the edge of your seat. To make the list a bit fair, we added only one fight for each anime. Without further elaboration, let’s see the best anime fights of the last decade!

1. Naruto vs. Sasuke – Naruto Shippuden

An epic battle between best friends who turned into rivals. A battle with intense combat scenes and emotional flashbacks, culminating in a thrilling conclusion. For a fan of the Naruto series, this battle is definitely an unforgettable memory.

2. Gon vs. Neferpitou – Hunter x Hunter (2011)

In this intense and emotional battle, Gon, fueled by his rage, confronts Neferpitou in a life-or-death showdown. The fight showcases Gon’s incredible power and highlights the dark and tragic consequences of his actions.

3. God Dimple vs Broccoli – Mob Psycho 100 3. season

In the lights of this stunningly animated battle, Dimple puts his life on the line to protect his best friend, Mob. Having faced the consequences of his actions, Dimple has no choice, but to protect Mob from the enemy he created.

4. Levi vs Kenny Squad – Attack on Titan 3. season

Despite being outnumbered, Levy and his comrades are able to hold their own and even gain the upper hand in the fight. It’s a thrilling and action-packed battle that showcases the strengths and abilities of the Survey Corps.

5. All Might vs. All for One – My Hero Academia

A battle that rocks the city, as All Might’s dwindling strength is pushed to the limit against the powerful villain. A heroic struggle ensues, with the fate of the city and the future of society at stake.

6. Yamamoto vs Yhwach – Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War

A visually stunning battle filled with fiery explosions and lightning-fast swordplay. The two powerful combatants clash in a dramatic showdown, with both of them demonstrating their own fearsome abilities. The fight is a thrilling spectacle of power and skill that showcases the impressive animation and artistry of the series.

7. Lufy vs Katakuri – One Piece

The two clashed in a battle of strength and will. Katakuri’s ability to see into the future makes the fight even more challenging for Luffy. The fight features epic moments of action and showcased the determination and resolve of both fighters.

8. Itadori and Todo vs Hamani – Jujutsu Kaisen

In this intense battle, Itadori, and Todo team up to take on Hamani, a powerful cursed spirit. The fight features incredible displays of power and strategy from both sides. The two young jujutsu sorcerers work together to try and overcome their formidable opponent.

9. Tanjiro and Tengen vs Gyutaro – Demon Slayer 3. season

A visually outstanding anime fight that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. Opposing a strong enemy forces Tanjiro and Tengen to team up and fight together. However, to win this fight, they need to break their limits and not hesitate a single moment.

10. Saitama vs Boros – One Punch Man 1. season

Saitama vs Boros is an epic battle that showcases Saitama’s “full” power against an alien. The fight is intense and fully action-packed. Boros unleashes powerful attacks and Saitama effortlessly counters them. If you know Saitama, there is no need to describe how the fight ends.

11. Yami and Asta vs Dante – Black Clover

Asta and Yami struggle to keep up with Dante’s attacks. However, their determination and teamwork allow them to land some powerful blows. In the end, Asta and Yami manage to deal the finishing blow and defeat Dante, but not without sustaining significant injuries themselves.

12. Jotaro vs. Dio – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

The intense fight takes place across time and space, with each trying to outsmart the other. The fight ends with an iconic moment that cements its place as one of the greatest anime fights of all time.

13. SABER ALTER VS RIDER – Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel 3

Saber Alter and Rider face off in a stunning fight with fast-paced swordplay and destructive magical attacks. Rider tries to overwhelm Saber with her noble phantasm, but Saber uses her dark powers to fight back. Ultimately, Saber emerges victorious, but not without sustaining serious injuries. This is one of the most well animated anime fights ever.

14. Goku and Frieza vs Jiren – Dragon Ball Super

Sometimes, you need to team up with your past enemy in order to survive. When the entire existence of the entire universe is at stake, even the most untrustworthy character, Frieza, can give you a hand. After a fierce battle, Goku and Frieza combine forces to take down Jiren, securing Universe 7’s victory.

15. Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen | Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

A stunning display of powers, with intense action sequences and animation. The battle showcases the trio’s extraordinary abilities and culminates in a dramatic and satisfying conclusion. The fight features teleportation, manipulation of space-time, and impressive feats of strength and agility. Definitely one of the best anime fights of new generation anime.

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