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Best Fantasy Anime for Fans of Magic

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Welcome to the world of magic, where anything is possible and the impossible becomes reality. From spell-casting wizards to enchanted creatures, the genre of fantasy anime has captivated audiences for decades. If you’re a fan of magic, then you’re in for a treat. In this post, we’ll take a journey through some of the best fantasy anime that have left a lasting impact on viewers and continue to be beloved to this day. So buckle up and let’s dive into the enchanting world of fantasy anime together.

10. Fairy Tail – Dragon Slayer of Fantasy Anime

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“Fairy Tail” is a popular anime about magic. It follows Natsu, a wizard who is a member of the Fairy Tail guild. Natsu and his friends embark on various adventures and missions, using their unique magic abilities to fight against dark forces and evil enemies. The guild is full of colorful characters, each with their own distinct personality and powers. The bonds of friendship and loyalty are strong, as the wizards work together to achieve their goals and protect their world. With action-packed battles, humor, and heart, “Fairy Tail” is a must-watch for fans of fantasy anime. As of February 2023, the anime has 328 episodes.

9. Black Clover – Wizard King of Fantasy Anime

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Black Clover follows the story of Asta, a young boy born without magic, in his quest to become the Wizard King. Despite the odds, Asta trains hard and gains the power of anti-magic. Alongside his comrades in the Black Bulls, Asta battles against the dangerous villains threatening the Clover Kingdom. With action-packed battles and dynamic character development, Black Clover is a must-watch for fantasy fans. Join Asta on his journey to become the Wizard King and protect the kingdom. As of February 2023, the anime has a total of 170 episodes.

8. Sword Art Online – Harem King of Fantasy Anime

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Sword Art Online follows Kirito, a skilled gamer, as he becomes trapped in a virtual world. With no way out, he must fight for survival and clear the game’s 100 floors. But, as he embarks on this dangerous journey, he discovers the true purpose of the game and its connection to reality. Along the way, he meets friends and enemies, including Asuna, a skilled warrior. The series features intense battles, complex relationships, and themes of love, loss, and friendship. Together with 4 seasons, the anime has a total of 96 episodes.

7. The Devil is a Part-Timer! –

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“Devil is a Part-Timer!” is a comedic fantasy series about Satan, who finds himself stuck in modern-day Japan after being banished from his own realm. He takes a job at a fast food restaurant and tries to adapt to human life. But when he meets human Emilia, his life takes a hilarious turn. With humor, action, and a touch of heart, Devil is a Part-Timer is a unique take on the isekai genre. With only 2 seasons, the anime has a total of 25 episodes.

6. The Rising of the Shield Hero

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“Shield Hero” follows Naofumi, falsely accused of a crime, and becomes the weakest of 4 legendary heroes. With anger towards humanity, he trains hard to regain trust. Along the way, he meets a slave named Raphtalia and together they face challenges, gaining strength and uncovering a dark conspiracy. The protagonist Naofumi has the ability to use the power of the Shield, which has a variety of defensive and supportive abilities that he can use to protect himself and his allies. Naofumi must clear his name while saving the kingdom from destruction.

5. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

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Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation” follows a NEET who is reincarnated as a baby in a fantasy world. He possesses exceptional intelligence and uses it to become a powerful wizard while navigating the challenges of his new life. The protagonist, Rudeus, has exceptional intelligence and magical powers, allowing him to master various skills and spells. As he navigates through this new world, he finds new opportunities and faces challenges, using his powers to overcome them and achieve his goals. The Anime has a total of 26 episodes.

4. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

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The protagonist, Satoru Mikami, is transported to a fantasy world where he is reincarnated as a slime. In this world, creatures like goblins and demons exist, and powerful individuals possess magic abilities. Also, the world is filled with vast landscapes, diverse races, and complex power structures. With unique abilities, he rises from the bottom to become a powerful being, making friends and enemies along the way. He then builds a nation for monsters, bringing peace to a world filled with conflict. The anime has a total of 48 episodes.

3. The Eminence in Shadow

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Great heroes and evil villains are the characters people wish to be, but Cid Kagenou is not like that. He wants to be the genius behind it all, to hold the strings and let his intrigues guide the whole story. He had first failed to achieve his goals in his previous life, in present-day Japan. But now, he is reborn in a magical world, revealing the true glory of the shadows. Cid pretends to be an ordinary mafia character, recruiting members to the Shadow Garden, an organization that aims to defeat the mysterious cult, Diabolos Sect. It is an ongoing anime, and as for the publishing date of this post, it has 20 episodes.

2. Overlord

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Our story begins with a popular online game Yggdrasil being shut down one day, but Momonga, our protagonist, decides not to quit the game. Later, Momonga transforms into a skeletal being, the “Most Powerful Sorcerer”. As the most powerful character in the game, Momonga decides to conquer and rule over the game world. Along with his loyal NPCs, he sets out to explore and conquer new territories, facing challenges and enemies along the way. Together with his servants, Momonga begins his journey to take over this new gaming world. In total, the anime has 4 seasons and 52 episodes.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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Edward Elric, an alchemist, embarks on a journey to restore his brother’s body. With help of Alphonse and allies, Ed explores dangerous secrets behind alchemy’s laws and uncovers the truth about their father’s research. Along the way, they face obstacles, but their strong bond and determination drive them forward as they strive to regain what they lost. The anime explores themes of sacrifice, morality, and the consequences of power. In total, the anime has 64 episodes.

We have gathered some of the most favorite fantasy animes. However, there are still lots of animes featuring a fantasy world, magic, and adventure. This list only contains 10 of them. So, If you would like to see a second part of this post, just let me know!