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The 15 Strongest Characters in One Piece

Character Ranking is quite a difficult job to do. When making a tier list, you must consider all the aspects of characters, from combat skills to their intelligence. However, in One Piece, it becomes even more difficult because of two different power systems: Devil Fruits and Haki. As former warlord, Sir Crocodile said: “in a fight, you cannot estimate how devil fruits will interact”. Adding Haki onto it makes it even harder to estimate, but we have tried our best to present you with the best list existing. Here are the strongest Characters in One Piece. Before judging, consider that all characters are in their prime (strongest time). Enjoy!

15. Admiral Aramaki

Though we do not know much about him, being an admiral actually says a lot about his powers. He has a powerful logia fruit which kind of allows him to control nature, create forests, and consume the energy from living beings! He almost took down the Red Scabbards, Momonosuke, and Yamato single handle. If Shanks was not there to promote his film, he would defeat all of them there.

14. Admiral Borsalino

Arguably the fastest being in the One Piece universe. Borsalino or Kizaru has one of the strongest fruits. In Sabody, he took down all Supernovas by himself without even sweating. He does not even hesitate to attack Kaido and Big Mom alone which shows how self-confident he is. He was also able to stop Rayleigh, former vice-captain of Roger Pirates!

13. Marshall D. Teach

One Piece hosts unique kinds of beings. From our perspective, there are very interesting and unique kinds of races. However, even from the perspective of people in One Piece, Blackbeard is a mysterious being. He is the only one in history to have two devil fruits: Strongest Paramecia and Strongest Logia fruits. Teach is also quite a strong and durable character. He truly deserves to be in the strongest characters list.

12. Charlotte Linlin

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Unfortunately, she is the only female character on our list. She has insane feats. Big Mom can be said to be the mother who has the most children. She is a former member of Rocks Pirates. Also, Big Mom has one of the most terrifying fruits in One Piece: Soul Soul fruit. She has insane durability and endurance. Not to mention how powerful she is when angry.

11. Silvers Rayleigh

As a former member of Roger Pirates, Silvers Rayleigh holds a great amount of strength. In Sabody, he was able to go toe-to-toe against Kizaru long after stopping using his sword. He has three types of Haki which are not common in One Piece.

10. Ex-Admiral Kuzan

Aokiji is a former admiral who now works for Blackbeard. He has one of the strongest logia fruits. In Marineford, we saw how powerful he and his abilities are. He was able to freeze a huge tsunami in seconds. In his first introduction, he mentioned that he could freeze the sea (the part between two islands) for a week! Not to mention who is the cause for Jozu to have one arm.

9. Fleet Admiral Sakazuki (Akainu)

Akainu is insanely powerful! Actually, all admirals are insane beings. He has the most offensive fruit in One Piece: Magma fruit. That magma is even able to burn fire. He literally destroyed half of Whitebeard’s head. In the Fishmen island arc, Jimbei mentions that Akainu and Aokiji fight to choose who will be the Fleet Admiral. And Akainu comes as the winner of the fight showing how insanely strong he is.

8. Dracule Mihawk

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The strongest swordsman in One Piece. Also, he is the rival of Shanks, one of the emperors of the sea.

7. Kaido

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He is known as the “Strongest Creature in the World” and has a bounty of over 4.6 billion berries. However, as we know bounties are not the correct way to scale people’s bounties in One Piece. Kaido is nearly invincible and has survived multiple attempts on his life, including falling from a sky island and being executed multiple times. He has a mtyhical Zoan fruit which allows him to transform into a Dragon. He has all three types of Haki, including Advanced Observation and Advanced Conquerors Haki.

6. Monkey D. Luffy

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A character consistently grown in power and has defeated numerous powerful opponents throughout the course of the story. Luffy has an incredibly strong willpower and can push himself beyond his limits, even when facing seemingly insurmountable challenges. This allows him to endure tremendous physical pain and overcome seemingly impossible odds. He has all three types of Haki, including Advanced versions of all of them! And Gear 5, his final form

5. Shanks

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Shanks is one of the most powerful characters in the One Piece universe, despite having relatively few on-screen feats. He possess advanced Conqueror’s Haki, which we saw when he clashed with Whitebeard. His Conqueror Haki is so strong that he could make admiral Ryokugyu sweat and leave Wano!

4. Former Fleet Admiral Sengoku

Strongest characters in one piece

Let me give you a quick note here. Sengoku and the following 3 characters are the top strongest characters in one piece. We have not seen how strong is Sengoku in his prime, but he was told to be as strong as Garp, Marine Hero.

3. Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp

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Monkey D. Garp, the being who was able to kill Roger, Pirate King, several times. He is the man who destroys eight mountains with his bare punches for training.

2. Gol D. Roger

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He is currently the only known to conquer the sea. He is literally king of the pirates. Roger’s power is rivaled with Whitebeard, world’s strongest man. He has advanced conqueror’s Haki and a supreme grade sword! He is a “D” and can hear the voice of all things.

1. Edward Newgate – Whitebeard

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In Marineford, even though he was not in his prime, Sengoku declared him as the strongest man. Whitebeard had an exceptional level of durability, which allowed him to withstand numerous powerful attacks from other characters, including Blackbeard, Akainu, and Admiral Kizaru. His devil fruit allows him to create earthquakes and tsunamis with his attacks. He was also able to manipulate the environment around him, such as creating massive fissures in the ground or sending huge air pressure waves through the air.

Ranking the characters is a fun thing to do, however, enjoying the story is both funnier and more important. Just be sure that you enjoy the story. That is all for now, see you in another post!