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Strongest Titans in AoT – Ranking All the Titans!

Strongest Titans in AoT are the absolute game-changers in the series. After her death, Ymir’s soul was split into nine Titans, who built the Empire of Eldia. The Nine Titan powers, in Attack on Titan, had been passed down for nearly 2,000 years after the death of Ymir Fritz. The nine Titan powers were the Founding Titan, the Armored Titan, the Attack Titan, the Beast Titan, the Cart Titan, the Colossus Titan, the Female Titan, the Jaw Titan, and the War Hammer Titan. Here, we ranked all special titans based on their power in a 1 vs 1 battle against each other.

9. Cart Titan

attack on titan

Cart Titan is the smallest titan known (4m). It has an oversized mouth and nose and moves on its 4 limbs. Other than carrying a huge weapon, this Titan is not likely to win a fight against any other Titan that has at least one special characteristic. That makes it the weakest of the strongest titans in AoT.

8. Jaw Titan

attack on titan

Jaw Titan is also a small titan when compared to the rest of the special titans. However, this titan has sharp claws and a strong jaw that can even destroy the hardened flesh of War Hammer Titan. Also, this titan is one of the most agile titans in the series.

7. Attack Titan

Attack Titan has been to several people including, Eren Kruger, Grisha Yeager, and finally Eren Yeager. In all, they had similar characteristics, 14-15 m tall and physically strong. As we saw from Eren, this titan can harden itself to make through punches or to make a good defense.

6. Female Titan

Here, you may ask why the Female titan is above the Attack titan. Well, the answer lies in her immense strength and speed. It had the stamina and focus to maintain a running pace capable of keeping up with horses over a long distance. This Titan also had the unique ability to harden its body parts by generating a crystalline substance. With its abilities, the female titan is definitely one of the strongest titans in the series.

5. Armored Titan

Next on the list, we have Reiner’s armored Titan whose form had thick, hardened plates of skin all over his body which served as his armor. This Titan was well-built and had a tough profile, and also fast, strong, and capable of destroying walls. His armor makes it hard to beat this titan.

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4. Beast Titan

As its name says, this titan was literally a beast. It is 17 m in height, has dark fur, and arms that almost reach its ankles. Beast Titan possessed massive strength and precision. He was also able to defeat the Armored Titan without any sustained damage. It has been noted that the Beast Titan is the “strongest” Titan.

3. War Hammer Titan

attack on titan

War Hammer Titan form is around 15 m. It is capable of hardening her Titan form into various weapons and structures. She was skilled with the hammer and was able to defeat Eren Yeager with a single blow from it. Unlike the other intelligent Titans, she controlled her Titan from far away with her human body, encased in hardened flesh, and stayed connected to her Titan body by a kind of “flesh cord.” War Hammer Titan is definitely the top 3 strongest Titans in AoT.

2. Colossus Titan

attack on titan

Colossus Titan possesses a destructive transformation process, capable of destroying a naval part. Being a 60 m class, it was the tallest Titan of the Nine Titans seen so far. Titan had incredible strength like no other and was capable of breaking down Wall Maria’s gate with a single kick.

1. Founding Titan

attack on titan

Founding Titan has the ability to rule and control all other Titans. It has an enormous body, even way bigger than Colossus Titan. With a simple scream, it could control all the Titans which makes it the strongest Titan in the Attack on Titan series.

As a final note, it is safe to say that this ranking list is subjective as it would depend on the situation and circumstances of the fight, as well as the specific abilities and strengths of each Titan. Hope you enjoyed it! For more content like this, just let us know, and we will do it for you!

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