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Here are Super Smart Anime MCs of All Time!

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Anime has a diverse range of stories and characters. From dumb and brave characters to smart and cold-blooded characters, there is a variety of characters to be a fan of. As the stories differ, we also get different main characters with various skills and abilities. Here, we will explore a bunch of super smart anime MCs in the whole anime franchise. Do not get upset if you did not find what you were looking for because this list is subjective!

10. Senku Ishigami: Dr. Stone

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Starting with the brightening star of new-gen anime, we have Senku Ishigami from Dr. Stone. What differentiates Senku from the others on this list is his specific knowledge. He is not a master plan maker or a gory manipulator, but he is as smart as Albert Einstein. Thanks to his knowledge, he managed to create modern-day technologies with only primitive stuff available.

9. Conan Edogawa: Detective Conan (Case Closed)

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Detective Conan, also known as Shinichi Kudo, is a high school student who is known for his extraordinary intelligence and quick thinking. His intelligence is such that he has been able to solve even the most complicated crimes with relative ease. His exceptional analytical skills and keen sense of observation allow him to pick up on even the smallest details and clues that others may overlook.

8. Sora and Shiro: No Game No Life

Sora and Shiro

The next one on this list is two NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). They are both very smart individually, but together they crush everyone on their way. They have tons of gaming experience, and in each of the games, they finish as #1. Additionally, their knowledge and experience in gaming also give them a unique perspective on life, allowing them to approach real-life problems in unconventional and creative ways.

7. Tanya Degurechaff: Saga of Tanya the Evil

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The next on this list is a little, naughty girl fighting for his country. Despite her appearance as a small and innocent girl, she is a ruthless soldier who will do whatever it takes to succeed in her military career. What she literally wants is a simple and comfortable life, but as her success increases, she is getting far away from her dream. Her quick thinking and sharp mind allow her to outsmart her enemies in battle, and her tactical knowledge of warfare makes her a valuable asset to her country’s military.

6. Tatsuya Shiba: The Irregular at Magic High School

Tatsuya is an expert in martial arts and weapons, combining his intelligence and analytical skills, he becomes on the battlefield. Despite his incredible powers and intelligence, Tatsuya is often seen as a cold and emotionless person which is quite a true opinion.

5. Katagiri Yuuichi: Tomodachi Game

Tomodachi Game ep12 | Katagiri Yuuichi Twixtor+cc - YouTube

Introducing to you a menace who can make you lose your mind with his plans. As the main character in the anime, Yuuichi will outsmart his opponents to protect his beloved ones. You better do not mess up around him.

4. Lelouch Lamperouge: Code Geass

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What would you do if Britain invaded your country? Well, unless you are British, you would defend your country and fight for your country’s independence and sovereignty. This is what Lelouch did. He had nothing in his hand but his intelligence and a superpower that he gained later on. With his master plans and cold-blooded personality, he outsmarted his enemies and then…

3. Iwanaga Kotoko: In/Spectr

Is Kotoko Iwanaga Immortal In In/Spectre?

She is one of the main characters in the series. Unlike other “super smart” protagonists, she is a master plan-maker or a psychopath. She is not cold-blooded and sneaky. She is smart, very smart. However, her intelligence is highly underestimated in anime communities, maybe because of her character.

2. Light Yagami: Death Note

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Death Note is undoubtedly one of the best anime of all time. It is still debated whether Light was the smartest in the series or not, but he is surely among the smartest anime characters. Big brains require big visions, like Lelouch. However, even among these characters, Light and his goal are way above. Light dedicated his life to creating a world where there are no crime and criminals. He was ready to sacrifice everything; his future, career, family, and even his sanity. He outsmarted people and even succeeded.

1. Kiyotaka Ayanokouji: Classroom of Elite

And, on the top of our list, we choose Ayanakoji as the smartest main character in all anime. he might not want to be a God or a leader, but with his intelligence, he can surely stand at the top of everyone. What is more terrifying is that you will never notice or understand his intelligence due to his psychology. He prefers to do his job in a way that nobody will be suspicious about him. Above that, he does not have emotions, which makes him the most cold-blooded person on this list.