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Ranking Strongest Female Characters in One Piece – Top 10

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Female Characters in One Piece are pretty strong on their own. When talking about the strongest characters in One Piece, almost nobody mentions any female characters. However, it does not mean female characters in One Piece are weak but rather underrated. Over hundreds of characters, we shortlisted the top 10 strongest female characters for you in this post.

10. Ulti

strongest female characters in one piece

Ulti may seem weak to you, however, during the Onigashima raid, she has shown great feats. As a former member of Tobi Roppo, the Flying Six, Ulti has demonstrated to have insane durability and physical power. Together with an insane durability, she comes with an insane mind too. From what we have seen, she is usually very fierce and reckless. However, keep in mind that she came as the winner of the head clashes with Luffy in episode 990. Big Mom attacked her with one of her most dangerous abilities, yet she came alive. Adding Armament Haki and an Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit, she does prove to be one of the strongest female characters in One Piece universe.

9. Black Maria

strongest female characters in one piece

In ninth place, we have another former member of the Flying Six, Black Maria. Unlike Ulti, Black Maria has a relatively calm and flirtatious personality. With a bounty of 480,000,000 Beri, she was considered to be strong enough to challenge All-Stars. Maria has considerable physical strength, although it is not on the same level as an All-Star.

As Ulti, Maria also has an Ancient type Zoan Devil fruit which allows her to transform into a giant spider. Interestingly, she can maintain both forms at the same time which is something we do not see often in One Piece. With her powers, she can immobilize opponents using her spider web.

8. Stussy

strongest female characters in one piece

If you are not an up-to-date manga reader, this might surprise you. From the Whole Cake Island arc, we know that she has connections to the underworld and is a member of CP0. She also uses an improved version of Shigan, a technique used by CP9 members back then, as a long-range attack. In Egghead island, she showed other techniques of her and took down Lucci and Kaku with one bite.

7. Nico Robin – The Devil Child

strongest female characters in one piece

Robin has been very strong since the first time she showed up. However, for many arcs, she did not have a proper match-up against a strong opponent until Black Maria. In Dressrossa, we saw how improved her devil fruit abilities are. And during the fight against Balck Maria, she demonstrated Fishman Karate, a powerful technique. I am not even talking about her devil transformation which shattered Black Maria.

6. Charlotte Smoothie

strongest female characters in one piece

One of the Three Sweet Commanders of Big Mom, and a hybrid of the Longleg tribe. She has a bounty of over 900 million implying that the World Government considers her very dangerous. Moreover, she can drain the liquid from living thanks to her devil fruit. She has considerable durability and strength in One Piece characters.

5. Boa Hancock – The Pirate Empress

strongest female characters in one piece

We have a former Warlord in the fifth place. Being a warlord itself is enough to be listed among the strongest. Boa is overconfident, and she kind of deserves it. She is very fast and has strong, destructive leg attacks. She can turn people into stone because she is very beautiful! And also because of her devil fruit. Not to mention that she is among the very few who have Conquerors Haki.

4. Boa Hancock – Seraphim

strongest female characters in one piece

I agree that this decision might overlap with your rankings, but hear me out. Everything that makes Boa strong also makes her Seraphim strong. Not only that but also Seraphim possesses other strong abilities. She has Lazer beams in her arsenal and definitely has immense durability thanks to the genes of the Lunarian race. That Lunarian race also makes her a fire user which is a huge game changer. Just imagine her using King’s final attack, a fire that is hotter than magma!

3. Yamato – Oni Princess

strongest female characters in one piece

In the third place, we have Oni Princess, the son (daughter) of Kaido, Yamato. Yamato is undoubtedly among the strongest. She has a Mythical Zoan devil fruit allowing her to use ice attacks. Not to mention the immense durability given by her fruit. However, these are not the things that put her in third place. Conquer’s Haki coating is a sort of power increase that simply puts you above people who do not have it.

2. Charlotte Linlin – Big Mom

strongest female characters in one piece

You may be surprised when seeing Big Mom, a Former Emperor, in second place. There is really no need to explain why she is above the rest, but let me just remind you in any case. She is a 68 years old lady with lots of children and a former member of Rocks pirates. Thanks to her monstrous Haki and powerful devil fruit, Soul Soul fruit, she can take other people’s souls and strengthen herself. Besides that, her fruit allows her to give souls to non-living things.

1. Shirashoshi – The Mermaid Princess

strongest female characters in one piece

This girl is the strongest living (yet) in One Piece world. Her other name is Poseidon, an ancient weapon, a weapon that is able to destroy the whole world. She can control all the Sea Kings and give commands to them. Not to mention how huge a Sea King is. Considering this, it should not be controversial when saying she is the strongest female character.